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Independent Escort directory pricing
Independent Escort Directory Pricing

Be an Independent Escort

Independent Escort Directory Pricing

The very purpose of this directory is to gather real independent escorts. So, in order to be listed, we may ask you to accept a video chat to make sure you are who you say you are. If you have a web site or an online existence that proves you are real is even better. But it is not a precondition because many girls do not have the skills and time to make a proper website. Anyway, you get the idea: we want to create a community where the girls feel good and the visitors feel safe. It's a big win-win for everybody.

Spend time building a quality page

Quality take time and effort, but do not worry, we are here to help. Saying that, your page is talking about you, so in case you don't build your page yourself, we will need you to provide info about yourself, about your services, your price, what you don't do, etc. We want to build pages that are attractive to the visitors and that are calling for clicking this "book me" button, big time! 

Provide quality images to fill your profile

A picture says it all! especially in this business. Interestingly, in many directories, we can find profiles with absolute crap pictures, directly coming from a Nokia 3310 in the 90s, when digital photography was done in 345x600 pixels. How this can be justified in 2024 is beyond us, when the cheapest phone on the market can make 4k pictures. So, our take is that these pictures are actually doctored and photoshoped to look bad on purpose. Maybe it looks "independent" or "amateur", we don't know. We believe it mostly smells "scam". Even our grandmother can make better pictures than that. So, what we will ask from you is to provide good quality pictures. If you have professional ones, even better, but simply good quality, high resolution, decently lit pictures will do. You are making a living out of your looks, so let's present this gorgeous figure of yours properly, shall we?

Be patient with us

We are building the site with you. It was actually launched on the 1st of January 2024. There is a lot of work behind this server and like anything technical, sometimes, sh**t happens, more often then we'd like. We do our utmost to run the site smoothly, make it fast, make it safe, make it comfy and convenient. It's a lot of "make it..." and sometimes we break stuff and then fix it. Improvement comes always with a risk. Here, we intend to improve things, add features and make this site the best in the world (why aim low?, we are asking). We therefore will appreciate your patience while we build it with you. Let us know when something does not work for you and we'll be working on it. In other words: help us help you.
Thank you for your patience.

Provide feedback

In order to achieve the previous point, i.e. improvements and optimisation, we need you to provide feedback. We will update you from time to time about the improvements we make and your feedback will be invaluable. In other words: talk to us!


  • 6 profiles per row
  • 15 pictures
  • Unlimited design
  • Human Support


  • 4 Profiles per row
  • 30 Pictures
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Human Support


  • 3 profiles per row
  • 50 Pictures
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Human Support