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Independent Escorts Directory
Independent Escorts Directory


Oona’s Independent Escorts Directory features ONLY independent and real, active ladies. We set our own rates, choose our own clients and run our businesses ourselves.

Quality over quantity

Most, if not all, escorts directories are aiming at offering 1000s of profiles to their visitors. In order to do so, and since the real number of workers is limited, they create fake profiles to add to their pages. That is the strategy of quantity first. The bad side of that coin is that for the visitors, it is a nightmare to browse and for the real ladies, it is a nightmare to be found. On top of that, every single profile is looking the same. It is a lose-lose situation. What about creating a win-win situation, then?: A site where the visitors know that 100% of the profiles are real and the girls can express themselves ? Yes, here we have less profiles. We add new ones almost daily but even like this we know we will not have a site with 5000 profiles by next week. It does not matter to us. We add a profile when it is a real girl being really independent. That is our niche: Real Independent Escorts Directory. Give us a bit of time and sooner rather than later, we intend to become the obvious choice for Independent Escorts and Quality Customers. 

Ladies, if you are reading this, come and join us!

Why you should choose an independent lady from Oona’s Directory?
  • We offer an individual service – everyone’s different, right? That applies to both workers and their clients. We all have different personalities, different boundaries and different things we enjoy.
  • An independent worker is much more likely to specialise in the stuff they want, rather than having to conform to someone else’s business model. This means you’re able to find someone who loves what they do and is enthusiastic, especially for niche areas such as kink, duos, genuine GFE, BDSM, you name it.
  • Plenty of online presence – you can do your research about the person beforehand and get an idea of their personality, services and style.
  • You deal directly with the person – when booking etc, this means you can get a feel for whether they’re right for you and somewhat build a bond with the actual lady you are about to meet.

For the quality seekers, the life lovers, the demanding individuals, we have built Oona’s Directory. 

Enjoy a safe browsing experience!