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We want to thank you for sharing your time with us. Time is a most precious commodity. Time is also an incompressible ingredient to quality work. This ingredient, we spend without counting to make your (now favourite) website more pleasant to use everyday. 

You may be wondering why the website is live before we are actually trading. Well, our owner Oona has the secret „Q” (the eye of the needle) behind all tech-related issues who is very savvy at their SEO.  We’ve put the website live in advance to give it some time to gain some traction in Google. So while you can browse our policies and what not, some features may still need a touch-up. Bear with us.

If you happen to see something that would benefit from a correction; if you have an idea of what could make our/your site event greater; if you just want to encourage us on our journey to quality platform; then please fill the form below and give us your input. Knowing that you care is important to us, because we do care about you.

Our objective with this project is nothing less than creating the best Escorts Directory on the market (shall we say “in the world”? okay, let’s say it!). 


We look forward to welcoming you soon, and we hope you’ll appreciate the chance to get in touch with real, active independent companions and save yourself the headache of manoevering through fake agency scams.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard!

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