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How often will we write?

What about a couple of times a month? We have no specific agenda or timing and the last thing we want is write if we have nothing to say. …we usually have a lot to say, though.

Is my email safe?

It is indeed! For a start we will ask you to confirm your registration after filling the form below. Then, if we think about it, collecting emails is a tough job. We all receive spam and time wasters in our emails. Oona’s Directory is about quality. I believe you will have noticed that by now. Emails are not going to be an exception. We want them to be opened because you know they are worth it. So, the very last thing we’ll do is send rubbish and share your emails with a marketing list sucker. So, rest assured that once you have registered, we’ll pamper that email of yours with sweet news just like our escorts will take care of you when you meet them. 


Oona's Independent Escorts Newsletter
Oona's Independent Escorts Newsletter